Faculty/Staff FAQ

Q: What is the Office of First-Year Initiatives?

A:  The Office of First-Year Initiatives houses the UIC Transition Coaching Program as well as external coaching programs offered to UIC students such as Bottom Line, One Goal and North-Lawndale.  The Office of First-Year Initiatives will direct Transition Coaches to the existing campus resources that best match student needs, and ensure that the interactions between Transition Coached and UIC Students endow students with the best institutional tools at UIC.

Q: What is a Transition Coach?

A: UIC provides many academic and non-academic supports for students in their first year and beyond.  The Transition Coaches help students to navigate this complex system of student and academic support.  As the number of students using transition coaching grows, it is important that Transition Coaches support UIC students as efficiently as possible. A transition coach is defined broadly as personnel from schools or community organizations engaged in mentoring or “coaching” activities with students prior to, during, and after the transition to college. They typically take an integrated approach that addresses a variety of support services necessary to help students succeed in college.

Q: Who is serviced at the Office of First Year Initiatives?

A:  First-year students who graduated from participating high schools will work closely with the UIC Transition Coaches.  Currently, the Office of First-Year Initiatives has partnered with North-Grand High School, Carver Military Academy and Thornton Township High School.  The Office of First-Year Initiatives is currently looking to expand its services to two more high schools in the Chicagoland area.

Q: How can I refer a student?

A: If you think a student can benefit from speaking with a UIC Transition Coach, please call the main office at (312) 966-3102.

Q: How will this program benefit students at UIC?

A: Students will be better directed to existing UIC Supports and resources with which they are otherwise unfamiliar or unaware of the full-scope of services available, which will help increase student academic as well as non-academic support in order to help them reach optimal success.

Student FAQ

Q: How do I schedule an appointment/connect with a Transition Coach?

A: You can call the general office number to schedule at appointment with one of the UIC Transition Coaches. You may also walk-in to speak directly with a Transition Coach on Mondays and Fridays from 9:00am – 4:00pm.

Q: Can I attend workshops if I have not been assigned a Transition Coach?

A: Yes! Though Transition Coaches are assigned to serve students from certain partner schools, we serve as a resource to all UIC students and invite you to participate in our workshops throughout the academic year.

Q: What services does this office provide to support students?

A: The office provides a one stop shop for access to all campus resources. For the student who is in need of help, and does not know where to go on campus to find it, our office is the best place to start.

Q: How can I find out about OFYI events?

A: You can find out about OFYI event by visiting the office at the Student Services Building: Suite 2180, or right here on our website. Select the “Events Link” for more information.

Q: Does it cost me anything to participate in the Transition Coaching Program?

A: The services provided by Transition Coaches are completely free.