High School Partnerships

Partnerships were initially established with two Chicago Public Schools (CPS) high schools in Spring 2015: North-Grand High School and Carver Military Academy. As the OFYI developed, four new high school partnerships were added, including two near suburban high schools (Thornton Township High School and Fenton High School), a charter school, also part of the coordinating project (North Lawndale College Prep), and a parochial school (Guerin College Preparatory High School). UIC transition coaches provide weekly coaching services to students at 4 of the 6 high schools (Carver, North-Grand, Fenton, Thornton Township High School). Monthly workshops and one-on-one transition coaching services are offered to North Lawndale College Prep and Guerin College Prep.

North Grand High School has requested participation from UIC’s OFYI in the Post-Secondary Leadership Team meetings held weekly. The purposes of the PLT meetings are to discuss tactics and strategies for high school seniors and discuss the progression of students on track for graduation and enrolled for college. Planning and preparation for college-bound activities such as senior decision day, and college fairs are also discussed during this time.

In order to best inform the transition coaching services at partner high schools, a Partner High School Baseline Report was conducted by Dr. Sue Farruggia and Dr. Peggie Garcia in the OVPUA. This document is the culmination of interviews conducted with the aforementioned high schools where transition coaches served. As it relates to the UIC Transition Coaching Program, the purpose of the baseline report is to share promising practices, and provide an overview of the strengths and challenges within each high school. As a result, UIC Transition Coaches will be able to maximize on opportunities made available in order to best serve students within each high school.